Impact in Action!

Submitted by Amber Smith:

Built a coat shed for the homeless

Submitted by Chloe Davis:

Donating food every week to our church foodbank

Submitted by  Alexandrea Lindemuth: Donating goods for the NICU

Submitted by Sheila Bogart: Giving donations to a homeless shelter

Submitted by Solara Revis: Donating food and toys to our local animal shelter

Submitted by Sara Taylor: Donating blood to the NHS blood bank

Submitted by Sara Taylor: Donating blood to the NHS blood bank

Submitted by Isabella Pyles: Donating Christmas gifts for families in need

Submitted by Farryn Adams: Dancing & singing to the elderly at a local nursing home

Submitted by Emily Taylor: Donating items to the St. Andrews Hospice

Submitted by Megan Mordahl: Picking up trash while hiking

Submitted by Cheryl Cooper: Helping to trim hedges

Submitted by Ruby Piper: Donating DVDs to children in the hospital

Submitted by Jessica Adams: Participating in the Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for Special Olympics

Submitted by Chinna Rogan: Donating stuffed animals, hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks to first responders and police departments.

Submitted by Traci Russell: Being a living kidney donor

Submitted by Cassie Todd: Honoring our local heroes

Submitted by Shana Roberts: spending time, promoting adoption and donating food to the Mason County Animal Shelter

Submitted by Luna Revis: Donating hair for wigs for kids with cancer

Submitted by Elyse Hofer: Packing Meals for Haiti

Submitted by Taylor Boggs: Adding food to local blessing boxes for those in need

Submitted by Carol Hauser: Packing Rockin' It with Kindness necessity bags for the homeless and at risk population

Submitted by Madison Yuzwa: Collecting donations & walking to support the AHA; promoting heart health for everyone

Submitted by Ianna Mallayka: Donating free face masks for the people of Kisumu Kenya

Submitted by Christine Cooke: Donating Chistmas gifts to the Lee Rigby foundation Appeal for soldiers on tour of duty

Submitted by Rebecca Cunningham: Collecting emergency hospital bags for cancer patients. 

Submitted by Lauren Newton: Visiting nursing homes and sharing coffee and conversation with the residents

Submitted by Sophie Butterfield: Collecting Christmas toys for a local children's hospital

Submitted by Rebecca Cunningham for Scarla: Donating items to the local animal shelter

Submitted by Melanie Freeman-Pannett for Jessica: Helping pack shoes boxes for Operation Christmas Child

Submitted by Shanna Lynn: Making bags for the Boone County Humane Society to adopted animals

Submitted by Melanie Freeman-Pannett: Helping kids with Sunday School

Submitted by Trinity Goss: Donating school supplies

Submitted by Kellie May: Picking up litter in our community

Submitted by Emma Hart: Donating 100 chemo-care bags to local cancer centers.

Submitted by Melanie Freeman-Pannett for Jessica: Helping pack shoes boxes for Operation Christmas Child

Submitted by Elizabeth Coulthard: Featured in an article about my contibutions to the youth voice in my area

Submitted by Destiny Pounds: Collecting socks, gloves, and hats for the homeless

Submitted by Yvonne Doolan: Millie baking food for the those in need

Submitted by Cheyenne Chase: Honoring our local police and giving them some goodies to thank them for their service

Submitted by Charlsie Kussmaul: Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at Christmas time

Submitted by Kiah Bajinka: Donating selection boxes for the children's ward for hospitals in the United Kingdom

Submitted by Addison Fisher: Donating a turkey dinner to the Helping Hands Organization

Submitted by Kristen Nasuti: Collecting 30 ballet costumes for Traveling Tutus to benefit young dancers worldwide.

Submitted by Amber Shaw: Donating roses to the residents at MSCC

Submitted by Cammy Bradshaw: Mentoring a little boy who has the same brain disease that I have

Submitted by Michell Pritchard for Alfie: Donating food to the needy

Submitted by Molly Frehling: Donating items to the VOICE for domestic abuse victims and victims of other crimes

Submitted by Rick Russell: Walking for Parkinson's disease to help raise money for a cure

Submitted by Jenn Cannon Bosco: Serving food to the homeless

Submitted by Kate Sevilla: Donating pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House

Submitted by Kristie Labhart: Red Nose Day, using comic relief to raise funds for food and supplies for families in need

Submitted by Becky Johnson: Lily using her reverse advent calendar to collect clothing and meals for her community

Submitted by Brooke Robinson: Donating hygiene products for a local pantry for those in need

Submitted by Autumn James: Jordyn donating food for the homeless shelter

Submitted by Denise Cole: Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army

Submitted by Siah Bajinka: Donating school supplies for schools in Gambia

Submitted by Tayjsa Sevilla: Reading to students to promote a love for reading

Submitted by Raechel Bill: Victoria teachers her peers the importance of doing things for our environment

Submitted by Amanda Norton: Making little ones happy to see Santa's favorite helper, Mrs., Clause

Submitted by Sami Roth: Reading books to Head Start students

Submitted by Gina Turner: Kailey donating to child life at the children's Hospital of San Antonio

Submitted by Becky Johnson: Lilly is using her reverse calendar to collect clothing for a local community center

Submitted by Autumn James: Participating in a poker run to help raise funds for a camp for kids with cancer

Submitted by Heaven Ramsey: Benefit car wash for Tennessee Helping Hearts

Submitted by Angie Chambliss: Collecting over 300 coats for homeless veterans in Central Florida for the Veterans Organization of Research and Recovery for the Homeless

Submitted by Colleen Dillon-Rutzler: MaryAnn Catherine helping and participating in the 13th American Cancer Society Relay for Life Luminaria Ceremony

Submitted by Leslie Neal: Collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house

Submitted by Kalya Flenar: Reading to local kindergarten classes

Submitted by Kassandra McKown: Collecting pet supplies for our second annual Christmas gift donations

Submitted by Jaylynn Hiler: Collecting food with my  local Future Farmers of America Chapter in Michigan

Submitted by Laurie Dusso: Tori spreading positivity

Submitted by Kim Thoen: Gavin transferring rocks and pulling weeds in a flower bed

Submitted by Leticia Lambert: Miss Preston County Search & Recovery stocking local blessing boxes

Submitted by Shannon Spiegel: Katy handing out stickers for her platform, People for Life at the Erie, PA County Fair last year

Submitted by Marita Cogle: Installation of the Reedsville Volunteer First Department Blessing Box and stocking it for the first time

Submitted by Amy Stauffer: Cleaning weeds and debris off of graves at a local cemetery

Submitted by Jennifer Workman-Fout; Placing flowers for Alzheimer Awareness

Submitted by Angela Renae: Donating and sorting supplies for local tornado victims

Submitted by Tina Johnson: Organizing a "Jingle Bell Bowling" event for disabled students in southern Ohio

Submitted by Darla Fairless Gonzalez: Leading the way for The Walk to End Alzheimer's

Submitted by Beki Myers: Helping to place over 400 flags on Veteran grave

Submitted by Grace Grell: Volunteering at Feed My Starving Children. A Christian organization focused on providing meals to kids around the world!

Submitted by Candice Christian: Donating well over 60lbs of food to Citrus County Blessings

Submitted by Kenzie Chapman: Zach and I made 3d printed mask extenders

Submitted by Kat Pinkham: 

Opening Ceremony at the new Veteran Plaza in Brunswick, Maine

Submitted by Catherine Oliver: by donating her old pram to the Barbados children's charity shop so some less fortunate than Ava can have something

Submitted by Toni Kincaid: Thanksgiving Food donations for underprivileged military families!

Submitted by Kiera Hoover: Collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House 

Submitted by Michele Johnson Brosig: Adopting a special Senior

Submitted by Janelle Madzia:
Cleaning infant gravestones on parish service day

Submitted by Elizabeth Reeve: Helping put in flags at residences of veterans and thanking veterans for their service

Submitted by Charmae Cottom: Collecting donations for my "Sock It To Me" sock drive for homeless shelters

Submitted by Amy Morris: Georgie helping me box up prizes for winners of a photo competition for the Salvation Army

Submitted by Dawn Barnett: Kristen helping with Matthew 25 Ministries to distribute items to victims of natural disasters

Submitted by Deborah Banks: Assisting in giving away 1,500 turkeys for those in need

Submitted by Rachel Miss UK Rose:  Selling bands for Cancer research

Submitted by Isabel Grady: Walking for Suicide Prevention

Submitted by Dixie McCracken: Stuffing pillow for breast cancer patients

Submitted by Jamie Cornwell: Walking for Breast Cancer Awareness

Submitted by Ryan McCracken: Walking for Breast Cancer 

Submitted by Jessica Gainer: MaryAnn and Layla celebrating "Be the Impact Day"

Submitted by Leticia Lambert: Leila & Bailey making donations to the Little Ruby Red Library

Submitted by Marita Cogle:
Collecting boot donation at the Halloween with Horses benefits

Submitted by Leslee Neal:
Delivering food to the Ronald
McDonald house

Submitted by Beki Myers: Jaelyn  participating in Relay for Life

Submitted by Julie Koontz: Virtual Awareness walks for Suicide Awareness, Responder's Children Foundation, & Run For It Recovery Teams

Submitted by Kat Lee Berg: Participating in self-defense classes

Submitted by Tarissa Tyler: Helping the firefighters 

Submitted by Amanda Hawkins: On the road to help end hungry for Mountaineer Food Bank

Submitted by Tina Villalobos: Filling local Blessing Boxes

Submitted by Pure International Pageants: National Be The Impact Project: Breast cancer fundraiser for Kelsey Durst