Every day you make an impact.

It's up to you to make it a good one!

#BeTheImpact is an initiative created by Pure International Pageants that partners with people around the world to work together and make an impact in their community. As a nationally recognized holiday on November 2nd every year by the National Day Archives, millions of lives are changed around the world.

As we all know, every decision we make and everything we do makes an impact.  There is no way to measure your impact on others, but it can be measured by the person receiving. No impact is too big or too small. 

Join the #BeTheImpact initiative by creating your own #BeTheImpact project to help those in need.  *By doing so you may be considered for our #BeTheImpact Awards given away every year at our annual celebration and be considered for a cash donation for those in which their project was created for. If your project is selected and you are not part of the Pure International Pageant, you will be notified so you may attend the event to receive your prizes. 

Let's work together to change the world one act of kindness at a time. To submit your #BeTheImpact Project, click the "Submit Your Project" tab above.

*Thank you Beauty It's Everywhere and Rene Bionat for your "Beauty It's Everywhere #BetheImpact Project" Sponsorship. The sponsorship amount will be divided among 4 outstanding projects and given to the organization or person the project is focused on. The prize amount will be announced when awarded.

*Thank you Pure International Pageants for your "Pure International #BetheImpact Project" Sponsorship. PURE will select a #BeTheImpact winner from all entries received for this program and will recognize their Top 10 Favorite Be The Impact Projects.

*Thank you Brittany Sayre for your $200 Brittany Sayre #BetheImpact Project" Sponsorship. Brittany was recently recognized for completing over 1,000 community service projects and appearances over the last 10 years of service in her community and around the world. She was awarded the Brittany Sayre #BeTheImpact Award at the 2020 Pure International Pageant in Columbus, Ohio.  This sponsorship will be divided among 4 outstanding projects and given to the organization or person the project is focused on. 

To make a donation that would be given to our #BeTheImpact Projects, please email our office at info@betheimpact365.com

Become a Sponsor to help give back to those who give everyday! Email our office for more information at info@betheimpact365.com

*Thank you Proverbs 31 Queens Mentor Program for sponsoring a cash prize to the top four #BeTheImpact Projects to be awarded in Columbus, Ohio. Projects will be chosen based on impact made on an organization or community.

*All nominations for these awards must be submitted by clicking on Submit Your Project tab above and completing/submitting the application.  Some sponsors may ask for proof of the project before a nomination will be considered for a cash prize.

Pictures listed under the Project Gallery tab are submissions for the website, not pictures for the application process.